How the 2021 GMC Canyon and Sierra 1500 Are Different

2021 GMC Canyon and Sierra 1500 | Sunrise Buick GMC | Memphis, TN

Both the 2021 GMC Canyon and Sierra 1500 deliver powerful, responsive rides, ample cargo and cabin space, and impressive towing capacities. But which one is better suited for your needs?

If you want to spend less money but still have a truck to handle your routine towing needs and support your outdoor activities, check out the 2021 GMC Canyon. If you can stretch your budget because you need more power, towing capability, and high-end features, then the 2021 GMC Sierra is a better match.

The full-size 2021 Sierra 1500 has a larger footprint than the 2021 Canyon. It is longer, wider, and taller and offers a choice of three cargo boxes, which outpace the size of the two cargo boxes available in the Canyon. The larger exterior dimensions of the Sierra 1500 also translate to more head- and legroom for your second-row passengers. But, the Canyon is easier to manage on narrow streets, in parking spaces, and over challenging terrains thanks to its smaller silhouette.

A bigger truck needs a bigger engine, and the 2021 Sierra delivers with several options, with horsepower ratings of 285, 310, 355, and 420. The Canyon offers you three engines that net horsepower ratings of 200, 181, and 308.

When properly equipped, the 2021 Sierra 1500 can tow a maximum weight of 11,800 pounds. The 2021 GMC Canyon tows a maximum 7,700 pounds when properly equipped.

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GMC Tested CarbonPro™ Truck Beds Against Hurricane-Force Winds

Hurricane Wind Tested CarbonPro - Memphis, TN

Automakers keep finding new and innovative ways to use carbon fiber. Tough, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion, it seems like the perfect material for a more durable ride. For GMC, designing CarbonPro™ truck beds was a no-brainer. To prove its mettle against extreme conditions, the brand recently put the Sierra 1500 Denali CarbonPro™ Edition and the Sierra 1500 AT4 CarbonPro™ Edition up against some rigorous testing – projectiles thrown by hurricane-force winds.


Using the strength of a Category 1 hurricane, GMC first threw objects at a competitors’ truck. The objects were things like planks of wood, rocks, and bricks. This truck bed failed the test when one of the objects speared completely through the structure.


Then came time to test the GMC Sierra 1500’s CarbonPro™ truck bed. The same objects were thrown at it, and none of them left a dent. The engineering team then had some fun by throwing other things at the bed, including a watermelon, garden gnomes, and even a couch. Again, the CarbonPro™ came out unscathed.


The carbon-fiber composite used for GMC CarbonPro™ truck beds was created with “greater rebound efficiency” than beds made with other materials. This means objects are much more likely to bounce off than to cause damage.


While we can’t assail our inventory of CarbonPro™-equipped GMC Sierra 1500s with hurricane-force projectiles, all of us at Sunrise Buick GMC at Covington Pike would be happy to demonstrate its numerous other benefits.