GMC Named One of the Longest-Lasting Automotive Brands by iSeeCars

GMC Yukon - Memphis, TN

When it comes to vehicles, the longer they run, the better. After all, cars are a huge investment. Recently, the website iSeeCars collected data from more than 15.8 million vehicles to determine which automotive brands lasted the longest out on the road. Their data found that GMC was right at the top, ranking third overall.

Once all of the data was sorted out, iSeeCars found that approximately 1.4 percent of GMC vehicles passed the 200,000-mile mark over the course of their lifetimes. For comparison, the average percentage of cars that hit this same milestone was 1.0 percent overall.

Still, even among the many vehicles that the GMC brand has to offer, one model stood out in terms of longevity: the GMC Yukon XL. While several GMCs made it past the 200,000-mile mark, the GMC Yukon XL was one of the only vehicles to pass 300,000 miles.

Of course, the Yukon XL isn’t simply renowned for its longevity out on the road. It’s also famous throughout the automotive world for the interior space that it provides drivers and their passengers, surpassing even the considerable amount of space that the standard Yukon can supply.

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GMC Tested CarbonPro™ Truck Beds Against Hurricane-Force Winds

Hurricane Wind Tested CarbonPro - Memphis, TN

Automakers keep finding new and innovative ways to use carbon fiber. Tough, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion, it seems like the perfect material for a more durable ride. For GMC, designing CarbonPro™ truck beds was a no-brainer. To prove its mettle against extreme conditions, the brand recently put the Sierra 1500 Denali CarbonPro™ Edition and the Sierra 1500 AT4 CarbonPro™ Edition up against some rigorous testing – projectiles thrown by hurricane-force winds.


Using the strength of a Category 1 hurricane, GMC first threw objects at a competitors’ truck. The objects were things like planks of wood, rocks, and bricks. This truck bed failed the test when one of the objects speared completely through the structure.


Then came time to test the GMC Sierra 1500’s CarbonPro™ truck bed. The same objects were thrown at it, and none of them left a dent. The engineering team then had some fun by throwing other things at the bed, including a watermelon, garden gnomes, and even a couch. Again, the CarbonPro™ came out unscathed.


The carbon-fiber composite used for GMC CarbonPro™ truck beds was created with “greater rebound efficiency” than beds made with other materials. This means objects are much more likely to bounce off than to cause damage.


While we can’t assail our inventory of CarbonPro™-equipped GMC Sierra 1500s with hurricane-force projectiles, all of us at Sunrise Buick GMC at Covington Pike would be happy to demonstrate its numerous other benefits.

Refreshed GMC Acadia Denali Gets a New Look For 2020

Refreshed GMC Acadia Denali - Memphis, TN

Just a few years ago, the GMC Acadia entered a new generation with a new design. Now for the 2020 model year, it’s due for a mid-cycle redesign, and many of the upgrades went into the refreshed GMC Acadia Denali. The luxurious 2020 Acadia features exclusive changes to the exterior and a quiet, plush cabin with all the amenities you could want.

Reshaped full-LED headlights are standard on the Acadia Denali trim, along with touches like 20-inch wheels and power-folding mirrors. A hands-free power liftgate comes standard to make drivers’ lives simpler. With more passenger volume than previous models and an 8-inch infotainment system with navigation, drivers have plenty of room to cruise to their favorite music.

In addition, the Denali trim level also offers a standard, all-new turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers 230 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque.

All models of the 2020 Acadia, including the refreshed GMC Acadia Denali, will feature a new push-button digital gear selector as well as a brand-new 9-speed automatic transmission. New storage spaces and a wireless phone charger are included. A reduction in noise and vibration in the cabin also makes it a relaxing ride.

While we await the 2020 edition, head on over to Sunrise Buick GMC Covington for a closer look at the 2019 GMC Acadia Denali.